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The Aesthetics Technologies Lab at Ohio University has created Biomodd, a great example of video-gaming-outside-the-box. As their website describes it:

Biomodd is a social and interactive art project that brings together ecology, game culture and installation art. The work tries to visualise and rework the intricate relation of organic life, technology, pleasure and consumption. Inspired by the case modding scene, a monumental custom computer is bult as a form of expanded sculpture. Inside the case, excess heat of overclocked processors is recycled by an elaborate living ecosystem. The computer hardware is used as server for a new computer game. The objective of this game is to bring some of the main themes of Biomodd into an imaginative multiplayer game experience.

So get this - they're using the heat from the aforementioned overclocked processors to grow plants within the case. I'm loving the idea of using the effluent from our overheated PCs to sustain life. Cool - clever - creative.

Not to mention how great it would be to have "The Aesthetics Technologies Lab" on your business card. I'm loving this both conceptually and linguistically and that just doesn't happen often enough if you ask me.

How about this for their next project. Capture and store the energy in the springs in our computer chair. Every time we shift our ginormous bulk in the chair more kinetic energy is captured powering the very same PC that is keeping us glued to the chair in the first place. Not being a coffee drinker it just takes one Diet Coke and I'm twitching and hopping enough to power IBM's Blue Gene.

When one of you patents this don't forget to toss me a slice of that pie.

Check out the link, they've got pics, a blog and webcast - and of course a far better explanation of what they're attempting to accomplish.

[The Aesthetics Technologies Lab via Rock, Paper Shotgun]


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