Crisis Core Launch Party Report Shows Sephiroths In Short Supply

Scores of Final Fantasy fans queued up for the official Square Enix launch party for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, but we're a bit disappointed in the lack of ill-fitting costumes and obscenely sized swords present at the event. Flynn's report on GayGamer of the launch festivities may be lacking in comically enormous weapons and crowd-pleasing spiky hair, but it is full of tales of dedication. The first two fans in line braved a eight hour drive and a nine hour wait in line to be the first to score some Crisis Core. Hopefully, these two were rewarded beyond a simple limited edition T-shirt.

More photos of regular Joes sporting gargantuan swords await you at GayGamer. Just don't go expecting to see droves of fandom friendly outfits. Bummer.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Launch Party [GayGamer]


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