Cut Scott Steinberg And He Bleeds Sony

Scott Steinberg used to be a Sega man. Not anymore, though. He's a Sony man now. And don't you forget it. Yeah, I know, as a corporate exec he's trained - nay, expected - to beat the company drum, but in an interview with Next-Gen Steinberg goes beyond drumming. And the interview's all the better for it!

Third parties have started to move from the de facto 360 SDK. Of course people designed their next-gen games on it because that was the only one there. The PS3 shipped and so they said, 'let's port our 360 games to the PS3.' But now companies are recognising that 'hey, if I start on the PS3 and then port down to the 360, my 360 game is going to look better than if I had just designed it for the 360.'

That it? Oh no. Not for Steinberg. He's just warming up!

[Microsoft]had a great crescendo moment with Halo and it helped catapult them into a pretty strong position towards the back end of last year, but they were still within a stone's throw of where they were with the original Xbox.

To me that speaks of a failure to broaden their reach beyond the core first person shooter player who was in their back pocket for Xbox. The question for us is 'are they really going after the PS2 demographic? Are they stealing share from us?' And the answer is no.

Hit the link below and there's plenty more of it. You may call it bravado. Unnecessary, even. I call it a return to good times. Last few years, executives have been boring. Nice to see one trying to bring back the shit-talking glory days of 2003-2005, spice things up a little!
Sony: We Will Conquer All [Next-Gen]


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