DA Under Investigation For Buying Gaming PC with Public Money

A Texas District Attorney under investigation for a slew of misconduct is being accused of using public money to buy a "gimmicky" computer designed to play computer games in his office.

Rockwall County District Attorney Ray Sumrow is being tried in Dallas on charges of forgery, theft and records tampering. As part of the case, prosecutors allege that he used office funds to buy the computer for personal use.

Prosecutors say the computer, which was loaded with eBay sales, personal emails and a cheat sheet for a computer game, is equipped with two hard drives, seven fans, high-end video and audio cards, a wireless Internet connection and cables that glow under ultraviolet light.

Sumrow used the district attorney's "fee fund", which contains fees collected from hot-check writers, to pay for the PC.

The only question I have is: World of Warcraft?

Rockwall County District Attorney Ray Sumrow used server for personal items, expert says


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