Dark Messiah DLC Live

You'd think Ubisoft wouldn't bother with a downloadable content for a game that performed as badly as Dark Messiah of Might and Magic: Elements, but here we are. A 400 Microsoft point pack of DLC for the dark mess of Might & Magic went live early this morning, containing new maps, more powerful weapons, and two new classes for the single player game. While the paladin is generally a holy warrior in fantasy games, the new DMM&M paladin uses underhanded spells like shrink and charm to win battles. Then there's the warlock, who casts spells from a distance before going in for the kill with his blade. Perhaps not enough to make up for the game's awkward controls and muddy graphics, but I'm sure the folks that picked up the game and actually managed to enjoy themselves appreciate the effort.

DMMM:Elements In Game Content [Xbox Live's Major Nelson]


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