Datel Say Freeloader Can Beat Firmware Upgrades

Datel's Wii Freeloader is awesome news. PAL gamers can get games on time, American gamers can play Japanese games, everybody wins. There's a few niggling doubts surrounding the deal, however. Well, one: won't a future firmware update stop the Freeloader from working, as it's already done once to Datel's previous GameCube-only disc? Datel say no, replying to reader Willis in an email:

...we can confirm that on every occasion that the product is used when the disc is inserted in the console that it allows the usage of any imported Wii game discs and disables the console from been able to update its firmware, if the disc is removed after been inserted and reinserted this will again enable the console to update its firmware but still allow the usage of the any imported Wii game discs.

Which unless my eye for English-as-a-second-language fails me is their way of saying "don't worry, firmware won't break this one". Course, they'd have to say that, otherwise nobody would buy the damn thing, so if you're wracked with uncertainty over picking one up I'd say wait until the next firmware update hits and we can get some independent verification.


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