Dead Space Gives Us Pause

I figured the news that EA's space-horror game Dead Space not having a pause feature was far too stupid to be true. In an interview recently posted over at MTV Multiplayer, Dead Space's executive producer Glen Schofield explains that there will indeed be a pause screen - just not one that lets you pause the action to sort through your inventory.

"I was saying is you don't pause to grab your ammo. You better ammo up before you begin your fight. Because you can't really be safe. [The combat]is happening live and in real time. The reason for me is that adds tension, because people are saying, 'S—, I've got to get more ammo. I've got to get more health.' That's what you want in a survival horror game. We're not going to make that incredibly difficult. You may have to back away from the fight. We're just trying to make you think out a little bit more."

Make sense now? You can cancel that bedpan order from Amazon now.

EA's 'Dead Space': Original, 'M-Plus' And... Actually Pause-able After All?? [MTV Multiplayer]


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