Dear Brain, Rock Band Broken, Please Help

Remember Justin? Course you do. Lucky sod won our "Shop Crecente Til He Drops" competition a few months back, and proceeded to spend $US 2000 on all kinds of fun game-related stuff. One of his purchases was a Rock Band bundle. Cue a life made "totally awesome", right? Not quite. Poor Justin's broken his Rock Band drum pedal, and in the process found himself in a spot of bother with EA's customer service team. It's all a bit complicated, so I'll let Justin explain things himself.


You probably remember me, I'm Justin who won the $2k shopping spree, which, by the way, is still making my life totally awesome. I have a favour to ask and if you don't want to I totally understand, but here is my situation : The drum pedal of the Rockband kit I got broke in half about a month ago during normal play. I called and asked for a replacement and about 10 days later I got it. Of course, EA wanted me to return the old, broken pedal, and I was saving it for just that. When the new pedal arrived I was so excited to try it out that I forgot to put the old one in the box and send it back (never mind that there was no return labels or reminder in the box which would probably have prompted me to return the old one immediately). In fact I threw the old one away a few days later. So now I'm stuck with $125 charge on my CC from EA for a freakin' drum pedal.

I just got off the phone with EA and, of course, there's nothing they can do. They won't even charge me a lesser dollar amount, like say the $80 or so a full drum kit would cost individually. They did give me this option though: if I can send them a Rockband drum pedal—any Rockband drum pedal (broken or not)—I can get the $125 charge cleared. What I was wondering is if you would be willing to ask the readers of Kotaku if they can help a fellow gamer out and if anyone has a pedal they could send it my way (of course I'd pay them for shipping + a bit for their time). As a side note it might be worth a post lobbying EA to make it's return charges a bit more in line with reality, but that's diving into a whole other issue.


As you can see, EA's return policy is teetering awfully close to ridiculousness in this case. Anyone got a spare pedal lying around the house from a previous break? And not one you BREAK OFF/STEAL FROM SOMEONE ELSE'S KIT? Be a dear and email us at tipsATkotakuDOTcom, see if we can help poor Justin out.


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