Delivery? You Get Real Plates You Must Wash

To: Crecente
From: Ashcraft

Ordered udon tonight for dinner. Actually, I went to the supermarket and bought udon noodles, but Mrs. Bashcraft said she wanted to eat udon from an udon restaurant. (Read: She hates my udon.) Best part of ordering delivery? They actually bring the udon in proper bowls — not styrofoam, but real bowls. Sure, they're plastic, but still. After we eat the udon, we ("we" being "me") wash them and leave them in front of our apartment. So tomorrow morning, the udon delivery dude will swing by and pick them up. The reason why the udon restaurant uses real bowls probably has something to do with the unappetising way udon looks in a white styrofoam bowl, I guess.

We ordered curry for the kid.

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