Derwent Howard To Lose Official Xbox 360 Magazine, Future To Enter Oz Market?

xbox360_mag.jpgMedia Connect's ITJourno, an industry news site for Australian IT journalists, is reporting that publisher Derwent Howard may have lost its right to publish titles licensed from the UK-based Future Publishing.

For Oz gamers, the most prominent title in Future's repertoire is Official Xbox 360 Magazine. Painting with broader strokes, this news would also affect T3 and Official Windows Vista Magazine.

The article goes on to say that Derwent Howard will likely make a statement today regarding the future of its brands. There's also mention that Future may enter the Australia market.

I'd like to link to the story, but it's only available to journalists registered to the ITJourno site. Even though ITJourno is a credible source and there's no doubt in my mind about its validity, until this news makes its way to more accessible channels I'm going to mark it as a rumour.

Update: Smarthouse News has confirmation of the split.


    Wow, that is pretty big news.

    The only gaming magazine I get is HYPER. Its the only one that offers things that the internet/blogs don't.

    Oh, that and ATOMIC. Even though I'm not a pc gamer anymore, I still enjoy it.

    Did you write that story by yourself David, or did the phantom of the internet help you?

    Is that the David Richards I saw on Mediawatch? Where did he get the broken story from?

    Official Playstation and Official XBox 360 are two magazines that I get for work.

    I do read others such as Atomic MPC as well, but I like to have multiple sources of information. I'd like to see where this is all headed though.

    So what does this mean for local writers/editors and staff for the magazines ? :(

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