Designer Miis For The Lazy, Talentless

My Mii doesn't look much like, well, me. Good thing customise Mii designer Bobby Bobby is here to make Miis for me. Or you. Or whomever. According to Bobby Bobby, he's ranked #1 on the American Mii Artisan Rankings on the Check Mii Out channel, and he's "one of the few authentic Mii Artists around the world to achieve this honour". Above is a sample of his work, which runs $US 7.99. Not bad! Bobby Bobby says:

When it comes to appearance accuracy, I will try my best to match the given photo as best I can, but please remember that facial features such as eye-brow shapes, hair styles and colours are limited to a select number of options. In other words, certain characteristics may not be attainable within the mii editor, such as outlandish hairdos, unusual hair colours, or facial tattoos. Therefore, I am restricted to choosing the best matching facial features from the available selection that Nintendo allows.

Apologises those with "PSYCHO" tattooed on their foreheads. Bobby Bobby can't help you. No one can.
Designer Miis [eBay via Hawty McBloggy]


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