Details On CoD4 Map Packs For PC, PS3

360 owners keen for Call of Duty 4's upcoming map pack are up to their wahzoos in information. Release dates, pricing, the works. But PS3 and PC owners? They're in the dark. No longer! Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has posted on his PR blog that the PS3 map pack should be ready "approximately" 21 days after the 360 pack's release (ie April 24). PC users, you'll have to make do with this:

Right now plans for the PC version are unannounced but we are working to bring PC users the same content in the future, however logistics are being worked out on how to make that happen.

Let's hope "logistics" doesn't mean some way of making PC owners pay for it, because that dog just ain't gonna hunt.
Call of Duty 4 DLC Is In Certification [IAMfourzerotwo]


    Atleast we are getting them,
    I cant wait to play Chinatown.

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