Dine On Wii Pro Eating Game

Like eating? Like eating so much you feel like you're gonna puke and then you actually do? Me neither! But for those who do, go pig out. Everyone else, check out the WiiWare port of PC title Major League Eating: The Game. The game will take advantage of the Wii-mote and have players mimic shoving food down their gullets. What's more, the game will feature "famous eating athletes." It's apparently like a fighting game complete with burp attacks. We're sure competitive eating is a sport of some sort, but man, every time I see Gal Sone on Japanese TV stuffing plates of whatever into her face, I get a little grossed out. Nothing wrong with eating, nothing at all! But eating six kilograms of curry in twenty minutes or consuming 40,000 calories in a single day doesn't sound exactly good for the human body — pro eater or not. A Wii eating game does sound fun, though.
Pig Out [CVG]


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