DirectX Creator: Consoles, Chocolate Barrels Are DOOMED

For all the doom and gloom talk surrounding PC gaming of late, it sure is swell to see someone sticking up for the poor old personal computer. That someone is Alex St. John, who was one of the creators of DirectX, a man who believes that PC gaming's digital delivery potential is the future of gaming.

You can think of it as walking into a grocery store and saying, "Hey, I'm a customer for some chocolate, do you guys have any chocolate?" And the grocery store says, "Yeah, we have 50 pound barrels of it over there. They're a thousand bucks a barrel." You say, "Well I like chocolate, but not that much." The store says, "Well go to hell, that's all we've got. A thousand bucks or no chocolate for you." That's how retail games are sold. And it's an extremely inefficient business model. It's very crude.

Speak for yourself St. John, if I knew a store that sold only 50-pound barrels of chocolate I'd be all over that shit.
DirectX Creator: 'Consoles Are Doomed' [ExtremeTech, via Game|Life][Pic]


    That man is not Alex St. John!
    That man is a Pimp of some sort.

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