Disgaea Anime Coming May 14

Disgaea Anime Coming May 14

disgaea_anime_1.jpgI was casually flicking through Madman’s latest DVD catalogue when I noticed the company will have the Disgaea anime available from May 14 via its online store. Yes, May is a while away, but a heads-up now is better than none at all. That’s what I’ve been told anyway.

The three-disc set will demand $49.95 from your wallet/purse/trust fund, and includes the English trailer, Japanese and music promos and “special talks”, which I’m assuming are interviews of some description. For the purists, there are Japanese and English dubs as well as English subtitles.

We’ll be sure to put together a giveaway closer to the release date, so keep an eye (or even two) out for that.

Disgaea Collection [Madman]


  • *cue nerdgasm*

    I already watched the first 4 episodes in Japanese on youtube a while back and really liked them. Are they using the same English voice actors from the game for the anime? If so then we wont have to worry about the dub sucking and we can all enjoy our English Disgaea anime!

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