Do You Finish Every Game You Buy?

Ah, yes, Friday. The day of the week where we settle in, relax and just talk. You guessed it, we've got another round of TUD, (aka Tell Us Dammit) coming your way. For those not in the known, Tell us Dammit is our opportunity to learn more about you reader person. That way we can feel closer! And perhaps, even for a fleeting second, feel kinda bad when we ban your arse. Here's how it works: We ask a question. You answer it. So! This week, the TUD Giraffe asks:

Do you finish every game you buy?

Man, I am bad about finishing games. Unless I'm reviewing them, I find it really hard to complete the game. And it's not a time thing, but in a way, I guess I don't want that experience to end. (Sentimental and stupid, I know!) Usually, I start a game, get close to the end and start another one. Vicious cycle, that.

So reader person, what about you?


    I will almost always 'finish' a game - that is beat the final boss/challenge watch the movie and sit through the credits. It takes a truly great game (say Super Mario Galaxy) for me to slavishly plunder every nook and cranny that the game has to offer. In some cases after having beaten the game on my own I will refer to a faq when aiming for 100% completion or to unlock some funky extras - but I will never seek help of this kind simply to beat a game.

    I'm in the same boat. Freaking terrible at finishing games. Since getting a job I've gone insane buying every game that takes my fancy, and as a result I find myself hopping from game to game frequently, without time to finish the previous one.

    And my New Years Resolution was to stop doing that :(

    I tend to get bored with games fairly easily - anything that takes me much more than a week to play through never gets finished. Even games that I really enjoyed to begin with. Take Assassins Creed, for example, I simply loved the storyline, and I'd really like to find out how it ends, but I find the gameplay far too repetitive and boring now to pick up again.

    Last Disc Syndrome.

    And I suffer from it bad.

    I'm still intending to finish FFVIII and FFIX some day...

    I usually finish a game and then try to 100% it. I sometimes do but often there is just some ridiculously time consuming or impossible mission that i never quite finish. I usually finish between 90-100% of everything

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