Dojo Dump: ???? ???? ????!

Now that Super Smash Bros. Brawl has shipped in both Japan and North America, expect there to be nothing but spoiler-filled content at the official site. Sure, it's probably all old hat to you—and certainly can't match last week's update—but if you want to take a look at some fabulous Assist Trophy art, make sure to check out what the Smash Bros. Dojo had to offer. Me? I'm gonna go play Brawl!

Monday: Secret character Mr. Game & Watch returns, attacking with nothing but the best Game & Watch attacks.
Tuesday: Mr. Game & Watch's stage, Flat Zone 2, has its own soundtrack in Game & Watch: Flat Zone 2.
Wednesday: A few Hidden Masterpieces are scattered throughout the game, essentially slightly different demos of NES and SNES games.
Thursday: Details on a few of the Secret Melee Stages are added. I used to be really good at the original F-Zero, perfecting my Death Wind I lap times for hours on end.
Friday: Some of the Latecomer Assist Trophies come from titles like Custom Robo Arena, Advance Wars and Daigasso! Band Brothers. Yay for fan service!


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