Dojo Dump: Criminally Upskirt Free

By now, the updates to the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl web site are simply interesting to see how snappily Masahiro Sakurai's writing is translated. The Dojo is unusually lacking in Peach upskirts, seemingly the only interesting development post release, so we really are reading it for the articles at this point. We think the Dojo Dump is nearing its end, as this week's updates focus on house cleaning and organising, resulting in things like the Pokémon Encyclopedia. Join us post jump for a round up of all of this week's updates.

Monday: If you're still having a hard time with the adventure mode, perhaps you'll find value in these Boss Strategies. But I doubt it!
Tuesday: Secret character Ganondorf is explained. Why is he so angry all the time?
Wednesday: If you're above the age of twelve and don't know your Pokeymanz, the Pokémon Encyclopedia is solid reference.
Thursday: Why do only Snake and Starfox characters get Smash Taunts? That's a missed opportunity, Sakurai.
Friday: The Subspace Emissary: The Great Maze is a-maze-ing. Peach's Special Moves not so much, not an upskirt kick in sight!


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