Dojo Dump: LOL WUT

Monday may have scraped the bottom of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl barrel (seriously, a post on how to continue?), but Friday's amazing collection of user submitted snapshots may just constitute the best Smash Bros. Dojo update ever. Not only does it feature the bizarre Samus-Wario beast with two backs, but it brings us the creepiest pic of Snake we've ever seen. It's after the jump! For the rest of the best, go Dojo Dump!

Monday: Yes or no? You decide! Secrets for Continuing explains how you continue, in case you aren't familiar with this system.
Tuesday: We're just now getting around to Donkey Kong's Special Moves? Guess so! And here's an unlockable stage known as 75m.
Wednesday: The exhaustive Item Encyclopedia! Very helpful for getting up to speed for Sunday.
Thursday: Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! R.O.B. means Robotic Operating Buddy. Oh, and he's in Brawl!
Friday: Here it is, kids. Snapshots Galore is inarguably the greatest collection of odd, awkward and amazing pics from within Brawl. Look at creepy Snake! What the hell, man?



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