Dojo Dump: Soft Focus

It's funny how much I have written about Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The Wii fighter has stolen a few hours of my life, but you might be shocked to learn how little I've played of the final retail copy. Pre-release? Hours! The full-fledged game? Embarrassingly little. It's just that the Wii is quite frequently powered down or *gasp* not hooked up at all. In my defence, I have eight consoles fighting for receiver hook ups.

Perhaps I should squeeze some Brawl time in this weekend, get some of those unlockable stages I hear the kids are into. This week at the Smash Bros. Dojo, Sakurai and crew talk about a few more precious hidden characters, plus talk about post-completion goodies. It's all in the Dump!

Monday: Beat the Subspace Emissary campaign yet? If not you won't be playing in the Boss Battles stadium.
Tuesday: The second pink puffball you'll play in Brawl is the unlockable Jigglypuff. Such a pretty voice.
Wednesday: Unlockable stage Hanenbow is from the Nintendo DS non-game Electroplankton. It's weird.
Thursday: Character Roll Call is less of an attendance survey and more of a point and shoot mini-game. Maybe you'll find Sheik's Special Moves a bit more rewarding.
Friday: Another hidden character, this time it's Toon Link who doesn't quite look... right without being properly cel-shaded.


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