Doodle Hex Casts Its Spell In June

I've been keeping my eye on Spanish development team Tragnarion's Doodle Hex ever since the art style caught my eye back in August of last year. It's basically a puzzle game where players use the DS stylus to draw various runes on the screen, casting spells to disrupt their enemy, restore their health, or transform their opponents into something a bit less threatening. With over 200 runes to collect and trade, 14 different characters each with their own magical specialties, and Wi-Fi capability for two player battles, Doodle Hex sounds to me like a win, and now we know when it's coming out. Pinnacle Software has announced the game will be hitting store shelves in June, when we'll finally be able to tell if the gameplay is anywhere near as pretty as the pictures. Hit the jump for more screens and gameplay info!


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