Dungeon Runners Heaves Up New Content

NCsoft's free-to-play hack and slash game Dungeon Runners is getting another update, only this time it isn't a full blown "Chunk" expansion - merely a "Heave" - there's that trademark highbrow Dungeon Runners humor for you. New content includes Balzack's Barrow, which is a new dungeon for players 55 and up, an NPC snowman named Chill Bill *groan* available at level 30 that helps players fight enemies, and a visit to Townston by Shivery the Incorrigible Snowman, a victim of dungeon warming that gives players a special quest while telling them they were adopted. 51 new quests, new armor sets, new mythic items, a two-handed ranger rifle and some general interface tweaking round out the update.

"I think that Dungeon Runners players will find these new features, especially the snowmen as being pretty cool...literally," said Stephen Nichols, Dungeon Runners' producer.

Well that's some relatively mild hype. Pretty cool? I mean...oh wait...I get it! Snowmen! Cool! Hahahaha! I'm going to go cry now. Hit the jump for the full press release and more frosty screenshots.


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