EA Confirms iPhone Spore, Other Games Coming

After seeing the demo of EA's Spore running on the iPhone earlier today, we were scratching our heads as to whether or not we'd actually see the game in our hands (not just on the jumbotron as a tech demo). But according to word we just received from EA, we will one day play Spore—as well as a pile of other EA titles—on the iPhone.

Today we announced SPORE for iPhone and have other games in early stages of development.

We are using the new iPhone SDK to develop games for the iPhone OS.
We're really excited about what this means for people to be able to play EA games on their iPhone or iPod touch and are thrilled to extend our relationship as a developer of games for various Apple products (Mac, iPod nano, video iPod and now iPhone & iPod touch).

Excellent news. EA hopes to release iPhone Spore this September alongside their other planned platforms. The game takes advantage of the iPhone's multi-touch, tilt sensors and accelerometer.

From EA's CEO John Riccitiello, "The animation technology in the iPhone OS enables us to build awesome games. I think iPhone consumers are going to be blown away by the games we create for this platform".


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