EA Sees Take-Two As Valuable And Shiny

Flattery certainly seems to be the wooing tactic of choice for EA in their attempt to win over Take-Two's affections. Chief Financial Officer of Warren Jenson has gone so far as to describe the people, studios and IPs at Take-Two as "diamonds":

"What we can do is take these diamonds, and really involve them in an organisation that does have global scale and that can help to work them to maximise the total effectiveness for the true market horsepower that their titles can have in the global marketplace."

Not only is he calling them diamonds, he's saying that EA is just the jeweler to polish them up and present them to the world! During the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference for investors, Jenson also put major emphasis on the importance of creativity from both within the parent company, and from outside acquisitions, not relying strictly on one or the other. Maybe all this ego stroking will change Take-Two's mind?

EA keen on Take-Two "diamonds" [GameIndustry.biz]


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