Early Copies of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, PS3 Rock Band At Perth Gametraders

Early Copies of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, PS3 Rock Band At Perth Gametraders
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According to tipster Raze35, the Gametraders in Carillon Shopping Centre, Perth will be receiving “early” copies of Super Smash Bros. Brawl from the US, including Freeloader discs to switch regions.

While we have no exact date, it’s better than what Nintendo Australia has provided. Which is nothing.

Raze35 also mentioned that the store is selling imported bundles of Rock Band for PS3, as long as you’re happy to commit a chunky $399 to the purchase.

This particular Gametraders has quite a reputation for making gamers’ dreams come true. Now, if only I lived in Perth…


  • Yeah this gametraders is one good reason to be in perth.
    They usually get imports in before anyone could get them through normal mail.
    I might give them a ring.

  • I imported a US copy of Rock Band for PS3 via an ebay seller for $385AU including shipping. I would’ve gladly paid an extra $15 to avoid the stress and paranoia that comes with an expensive ebay purchase.

    The game itself is great, much more polished than GH3. The Expert guitar career is definitely less challenging that GH3, but the DLC packs (Metallica specifically) provide some cool shredding.

    The game might as well be called “Drum Hero” for me, I’ve spent way more time in the Drum career than anything else. With a small background in drums from highschool, I was really impressed with the drumming in Rock Band. The learning curve is handled nicely as the songs progress and teaches you techniques used by actual drummers.

    A word of warning – my copy arrived without a kick pedal for the drums and I had to rig up a replacement using real drum kit parts. Not sure if this was a mistake when originally boxed or a dodgy ebay seller. A lot of people in the US who bought Rock Band had to claim a warranty replacement for their faulty instruments, but if you have an import of the game (like GT is selling) you won’t be able to use the warranty offer.

    I’d recommend discussing this with GT before you drop $400 on a possibly incomplete product. They should let you check it in the store before you buy it…

  • @NegativeZero: Freeloader was released last week in the UK.

    I was just in contact with the Gametraders store and they said they are getting in a batch of freeloaders and SsBB to test it out, and if all good (which its proven to work fine) they will sell the copies they have left. Then i assume order even more.

    Good news.

  • I love that store they have new specials every week….You can even pick your self up a Dual Shock 3 Controller for the PS3 for only $99.95 * however they only had white ones left after I picked up my controller.

  • Im still a little skeptical on the whole freeloader thing, sure they work fine…. that is until Nintendo go and update the firmware and kill it.

  • Datel Freeloader u can get from Playasia.com, also GT are having a Brawl Tournament soon, they had a Halo 3 one as well

  • From All Interactive Distribution, Which is a known supplier of the Gametraders and Video Ezy Franchises the aus release date is expected June 2008 For SSBB, and rockband keeps changin

  • Do you guys wanna stop publishing these stories please?

    The dudes at GT Perth are awesome and I’d prefer they weren’t forced to shut down cos they get caught breaking street date.

    Though I’d say seeings as how many times its been on Kotaku if they were gonna get busted it would have happened by now, but still…

  • Well, $399 is probably better than what the real price of the game will be, knowing Australia. You know, ’cause when you convert US currency to Australian currency, the procedure is to double it, despite what those uneducated ‘financial experts’ may say about the exchange rate.

  • nice im gonna pick myself up a copy of brawl this week then

    the way i see it is good free publicity, EB Games break street date every now and then why dont they shut them n00bs down… oh wait too many losers go and buy games from them all covered in stickers and stuff… thats Why we all buy From Gametraders!!!

    oh btw ther technically not breaking street date you can import these games yourself from sites like Playasia.com , empire toys in perth import Us DVDs and its legal cause they are different to the R4 dvds

  • To Batiu-Drami:

    Selling a game before the AU release date isn’t necessarily “breaking the street date”.

    Imported games don’t apply to the AU release date.

    Some AU games get shipped without a “DO NOT SELL BEFORE XX/XX/XX” note, so they can be put on the shelf immediately.

  • hmmm I might go pick this up some day soon but would we be able to play SSBB online? Also, does taking out the freeloader disc return the wii to its original state or is there a chance that the Wii firmware could get stuffed up because of the temporary modification?

  • Apparently Wii Firmware will not be stuffed up and SSBB online works with it. The guys at vooks.net have tested the both of them and have vid to prove it. It’s on the front page.

  • A question for Matt:

    I just got a US version of the Rock Star bundle. Bought it from Amazon and got a relative in USA to post it to me.

    All is great except the drum pedal has stopped working after playing once.

    Just wanted to know what you did using real drum kit parts to make one that worked??

    I live in Perth, any info would be greatly appreciated as I wanna play my new game!


  • Wowzers. I imported two ps3 bundles back in November 2007 when Rock Band had just been released. Nice to hear of a store selling the game here in Perth, even if it is a little on the pricey side. Even importing off ebay now you shouldn’t pay much more than $300AU all up.

    Still, if any other Perth rockers wanna band together, email me at [email protected]. I’d be happy to travel to anywhere in the metro area (or host), have DLC and play drums @ expert, guitar @ medium and even sing @ hard.

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