EA's First iPhone SDK Title - Spore

Today, Apple shows off their software development kit (SDK) for the iPhone. This is a series of tools that Apple is releasing so third parties can make (authorised) programs for the system. And game makers showed up. In droves.

First up, Spore for the iPhone.

iphonesdka216.jpgFrom Gizmodo: "The iPhone's demo of spore uses the accelerometer to control the motion, and it looks kind of choppy. But they built this in 2 weeks. Battery life? Bye Bye!"

Apparently it's the complete game, and most impressively, Apple claims that with their SDK for the iPhone, EA put this together in just 2 weeks. But alas, there's no word as to an actual release. We have reached out to EA on the matter and will let you know if we hear more. UPDATE: EA has confirmed that they have commercial intent for the platform.

Gizmodo Liveblog [Gizmodo]


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