EndWar Sneak Preview Packed in R6 Vegas 2

Packed in with the retail version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is this neat little surprise: A Sneak Preview disc for upcoming, voice-command, real-time strategy game EndWar.

My excitement was quickly deflated when I realised that while the disc does have some neat EndWar stuff, it doesn't include a demo. Dammit! You do get the announcement trailer, a GameTrailers special about the game called "the future of war" and an EndWar sneak peek preview, featuring the Frag Dolls.

Sucks about the demo, but it's free and still a neat idea.



    Can you believe I got excited about your post, made a post about it in the official Endwar forums, bought the Limited Edition here in the US which was extra cash, and then we don't get the special trailer you guys got called, "future of war"? On top of that the Fragdolls trailer is all over the internet for [email protected]

    I dont see why they had us pay extra money and essentially the only thing different is that I got a keychain that looks like a casino chip, woopdedoo.

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