Epic: Why We Need A PC Gaming Alliance

Why do we need a PC gaming alliance again? Oh, this is why. Epic boss Tim Sweeney, speaking with tgdaily, has outlined just why his company have signed up to the industry super-friends, and also notes the challenges the group face in returning a little swagger to the brand that is PC gaming:

Retail stores like Best Buy are selling PC games and PCs with integrated graphics at the same time and they are not talking about the difference [to more capable gaming PCs] . Those machines are good for e-mail, web browsing, watching video. But as far as games go, those machines are just not adequate. It is no surprise that retail PC sales suffer from that.

In other words, they'll probably be spending most of their time advertising and informing, as they educate the masses on why Intel integrated graphics processors are a 2-pound bag of horseshit.
Unreal creator Tim Sweeney: "PCs are good for anything, just not games" [tgdaily]


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