Europe Being Courted With Apollo Justice

For all you Europeans who "objected" to not having Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, fear not. May 9 is the magic day that justice will be delivered and you, too, can have the sequel to the popular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. You'll be able to judge for yourself whether this game will live up to its predecessor, or if this game is the death sentence of the series (okay, that's not fair, it's meant to be a great game, but there aren't any really good puns for "this game is excellent, you should all go and try it").

Apollo Justice Served in Europe [IGN]


    *sigh* Any word when we're getting the THIRD Phoenix Wright in Aus?

    Hey i was in Gametraders at Westfield Marion today and they have this game in stock now, aswell as Assasins Creed and YuGiOh World Championship 2008 on DS. Guess they must be importing them from somewhere. They seemed to have a lot of stuff there that wasnt available here yet. I picked myself up Time Crisis 4 on PS3.

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