European PS3 Games Get A Price-Cut

Yes, Europe, you pay too much for games. I feel your pain. If your purse-strings are pinched too tightly to allow for full-price gaming, though, you'll be interested to know that SCEE have announced some price-cuts for some of their older PS3 games. No mention of whether or not this constitutes the PS3 debut of the European "Platinum" range, but looking at the list of titles, I'd wager that's a "yes".

Eight titles will have their prices cut to €40 sometime soon (only date we have is "fall"). They are:

- Resistance
- Genji
- F1
- MotorStorm
- Heavenly Sword
- Lair
- Folklore
- Ridge Racer 7

PS3 : baisse de prix des titres SCE [Jeux-France]


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