European Rock Band Launch Imminent?

MTV & Harmonix have been so quiet of late on European release dates/plans for Rock Band in Europe that many have - quite rightly - begun worrying whether it'd be appearing outside North America at all. This should calm you right down. It's a promo site for the Stag & Dagger Music Festival that'll be taking place in Shoreditch, East London for the first time on May 15. Ostensibly it's a "proper" music festival, with over 100 bands, DJs, etc due to play over the course of the day. But look at the show's sponsors. That big Rock Band logo, for one. And the Harmonix and 360 logos. And the MTV and EA logos elsewhere on the site. If (and going by this scant evidence that's a BIG if!) this is some kind of pre-launch European Rock Band promo, it certainly ties into the April-June timeframe we first heard in January.
[Stag & Dagger, thanks Luke!]


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