Evil Acquirers Make Bid To Buy Taketooine

As an experienced Man of the Web, I was impressed with EA's quick snatching up of the URL EATake2.com, a site that highlights the numerous reasons why investors would benefit from an Electronic Arts buy-out of Take Two Interactive. But I'm doubly impressed by Lord Riccivader and the Evil Acquirers creation of EatTake2.com. It features a similarly impassioned plea to the people of "Taketooine" about the wonders that await them.

Sure, comparing EA to the Galactic Empire has lost its shine, but seeing a Photoshopped John Riccitiello donning a Darth Vader helmet? That's gold, Jerry. Gold! The guest appearance from "Chatty" Mike Pachter makes it worth your page load.

EatTake2.com [via NeoGAF]


    Hahaha, this website is great. This is very clever. I sincerely, truly hope that EA does not acquire - sorry, destroy - Take 2, and this is helping to raise awareness of what EA really does. The pictures of the 'happy' developers are really effective. Absolutely spot on. Hell, it worked on me. It made me actually take a look at the eatake2 page, which completely sickened me I might add, and educated me about how horribly bad this will be if it goes through.

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