Expert Panel To Discuss Online Gaming, Gamers Welcome

aimia.jpgOn March 25, the Australia Interactive Media Industry Association will be hosting a panel at the Privilege Club in Sydney to discuss the evolution of online gaming and its implications on advertising and marketing. The panel will consist of various industry experts, including EA’s Mark Fordham and Janet Carr, producer of the ABC’s Good Game.

The AIMIA is after the opinions of gamers as well as insiders, so if you’re of the verbal persuasion, your presence will be appreciated.

From the looks of the release, the panel will also be discussing online gaming in general, including trends, technology and demographics, so if you’re not exactly thrilled by the thought of sales talk, there are other chunks of meaty information to sink your fangs into.

If you’re seriously thinking of paying the event a visit, hit up this link to give the AIMIA an idea of numbers.

Press release after the jump.

Online games going mainstream – the implications for the media and advertising industries

The Online games industry is morphing into a compelling new medium. We are seeing the convergence of games, movies, virtual worlds and social networking applications into an environment where the participant can create their own mash-ups of entertainment experiences. Many online games have the community as a major part of the entertainment and from this we are seeing new trends emerging about how we play and socialise.

These trends, along with powerful new technologies are changing online gaming into a medium of mass appeal. Games developers are allowing players to socialise, personalise their experience, create their own games and content and then share it with other players by incorporating applications such as You Tube into their games. The online games industry is expected to be worth $11.2 billion by 2010.

A panel of experts will discuss the evolution of online games from product to media and what this means to the media and advertising industries.
Speakers are David Edery, Xbox Live, Janet Carr, ABC’s Good Game, Jean-Marie Guitera, Subversive Games, Mark Fordham, EA.
The conversation will take a look at:
1. The trends the game developers are incorporating into their new games. eg The Sims Carnival, Spore.
2. The changing demographic of online gamers.
3. The role online gaming will play in Web 3 technologies.
4. The drivers of the online gaming evolution, such as new consumer behaviour and the technologies, (Euphoria, Digital Molecular Matter).
5. What will be the disruptive pressures along the way for developers, distributors and consumers?

Come along and participate in the conversation about this compelling topic. Enjoy a complimentary drink to toast the first AIMIA NSW Intimates event for 2008.

Event Details:
Date: Tuesday, 25th March, 2008
Venue: The Privilege Club
Address: 70 King Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Event Time:
6:30pm for a 7:00pm Start

*Special thanks to Subversive Games for providing the banner graphic.

Online games going mainstream – the implications for the media and advertising industries [AIMIA]


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