Eye of Judgment Deck Building Tips

With the release of the second series of Eye of Judgment cards right around the corner many players are casting critical eye to their current decks. Building decks in EOJ take a bit of thought and skill if you're going to create something really good so any advice on creating them is certainly welcome. Especially when the guy giving the advice is the game's designer, Yasuke Watanabe. In a recent post on the Playstation blog, Watanabe explains the intricacies of managing mana cost and casting cost when building a deck. While it might seem overly complicated and mathematical at first (which it is to a point), once you grasp on to the concept it's quite a helpful little article. So if you're a EOJ deck builder and really want to get the most out of your mana, this is definitely the post for you.

EYE OF JUDGMENT Tip: How to Build a Deck [Playstation.blog]


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