Fable 2 - Dirty Prostitutes And Clean Frenchmen

Behold the gorgeous ladies of the night of Fable 2! Which one would you pick, were you so inclined? I just can't decide. This little snippet of concept art accompanied an interesting post on the Fable 2 development blog that deals with an internal back-and-forth email about the lack of soap in the office. The reasons for the soap shortage were soon made chillingly clear.

Five days ago, in an unexpected terrorist attack, the entire shipment of liquid-soap for Europe was hijacked - hundreds of lorries diverted towards Paris and their contents spilled over French capital. The scenes were horrifying - millions of Frenchmen who hadn't washed in decades screaming as they were forcibly cleansed.

The U.S. is currently in talks with the French government to send relief dirty-up crews to the panic-stricken country. Hey now, it wasn't me, it was Lionhead!
Simon Says.... #3 [Fable 2 Development Blog]


    I would get layed by the one on the left, the one on the right looks like a stressed out old cow.

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