Fable 2 Will Feature One Acorn And One Tree

Peter Molyneux, the visionary behind Lionhead Studios and the Fable series, once promised us that in Fable, the player would be able to plant an acorn and watch it grow into a tree. Things didn't quite work out. But that isn't stopping Molyneux from attempting a little something we like to call a do-over with Fable 2.

I can tell you definitively that there is absolutely an acorn and it does absolutely grow into a tree. And it is actually part of the story now. We decided we got into so much trouble over acorns and trees that we are going to make it part of the main thread of the story in "Fable 2".

Somewhere deep in the bowels of Lionhead, Molyneux is whipping the technical programmers to make room for at least "2 or 3 more acorns". The cries for help are horrid.
Molyneux: One Acorn Will Grow In 'Fable 2,' Multiple Acorns Unconfirmed [MTV Multiplayer] [image]


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