Fallout 3 Has Over 200 Endings

It seems Bethesda's changed plans for Fallout 3 quite a bit since I first got a glimpse of the game in action back in June of last year. When they originally stated they were going for 9-12 endings, I was seriously impressed, imagining the sort of replay value that would generate. Now Bethesda's Todd Howard has appeared in the latest OXM podcast, saying that the game now has more than 200 different endings as of last week. 200 endings? That doesn't even seem like a real number, does it? Considering he's also saying the game is twice as long as they initially estimated (40 hours with side quests), I am pretty sure you could play the game forever. Todd says the game is finished and on track for Fall 2008, but needs a ton of testing and polishing. Hit up OXM below for the full story while I try to wrap my head around the whole 200 ending thing.

KOXM Episode 107 [OXM Via Fallout 3 Post Nuclear Blog]


    Usually when it's said there's a huge ton of endings in an RPG, it's merely a technicality. It's usually one, or both of these:

    There would be a few different endings or separate areas/characters, and separate ending is depicted at the end. Thus, it might simply mean 200+ combinations of different ending scenarios.

    If there are truly 200+ different endings, then the differences might be miniscule. One person might be missing here, there's an extra line of dialogue, there's a big gaping hole in the middle of town.. something like that.

    If it's neither, I'm going to need to build some sort of time machine so I can get see all the endings myself.

    Same as zero.
    Fallout 2 pretty much did the same thing.

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