Famitsu Reveals Persona 4

Famitsu Reveals Persona 4

This week’s Famitsu magazine arrives in Japan with tons of information about Persona 4, the next installment of the quirky Atlus RPG series for the PlayStation 2. The sequel to one of the best RPG experiences on the PS2 so far moves the action from the city to the countryside, with the story taking the form of a murder mystery, chock full of twists and turns that will leave you guessing. The game includes a weather forecasting system that indicates when a murder is going to occur. Atlus is packing tons of gameplay into the new title, with 60-70 hours of gameplay and over 180 Personas (Personae?) for you to play with. Persona 4 is slated for a July 10th release in Japan, with a North American release almost a no-brainer, considering the reception of P3 in the states. Follow the link beneath the gallery to Akayuki for more scans from the latest Famitsu.

Weekly Famitsu Info & Scans [Akayuki]


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