Fatal Inertia May EX Out A PlayStation 3 Release After All

Remember Koei's futuristic racer Fatal Inertia? It was the one-time PlayStation 3 "exclusive" that missed that console's launch, only to become an Xbox 360 "exclusive" by default, then re-announced for a release on Sony's console, with the Koei Canada team constantly reminding us of the problems it was having with Unreal Engine 3. Still doesn't ring a bell does it? Might have something to do with it being a middling racer, a poor man's WipEout that was met with a collective "meh".

Well, good news, PS3 owners! It's one step closer to arriving on the Kutaragi console-child, with the ESRB issuing a rating for Fatal Inertia EX this week. That EX means that it's getting the standard late PS3 port with (presumably) extra features that will probably then show up as downloadable content for the Xbox 360. Who's pumped for this whole dance again?! Whooo!

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