Fear Not, Red Alert 3's Full Of Hammy Cinematics

Tesla coils, airships, yeah, we kinda expected that sort of stuff to feature in Red Alert 3. What was most vital for the game, however, was that it retain the previous title's most important aspect: the best damn live-action cutscenes this side of Wing Commander 3. And by best, I mean hammiest. So it's great to hear that, yes, things are definitely looking up on that front, with EALA's Chris Corry saying:

We really do think the live-action cinematics are a staple of the Red Alert series. We're going pretty full bore with the cinematics this time. We're going to have more than an hour of cinematics; it's almost a minimovie that we're shooting for this.

And with that, my excitement for the RTS genre reaches levels not seen since the late 1990s.
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Interview [IGN][Pic]


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