Finally, Guitar Hero Wii Gets It Right

Poor Guitar Hero III on the Wii. It's had some problems. If it wasn't mono-only sound, it was lawsuits over mono-only sound, and if it wasn't lawsuits, it was botched sign-ups for replacement discs to fix mono-only sound. So it's only right Activision try and make amends. A good place to start is this new Guitar Hero III bundle for the Australian market, which features not only the correct, Dolby Pro Logic II sound output, but also a second guitar controller. No price given just yet, but since the existing one-guitar pack goes for $140, this should come in at just under $200.

Editor's note: All the details on the pack can be found in our story from yesterday.


    @tralfaz23: You must be crazy to think that is a valid complaint

    right so... when is this actually out here? is it already?? i havent seen it in target in melbs cbd.

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