First Dawn Of War 2 Details

Here I was thinking Dawn of War 2 would be officially unveiled next month. I totally overlooked the possibility that Belgian magazine PCGameplay would get the scoop a few weeks early, and be the first to get me all excited over yet another must-have PC RTS. First things first: Relic are bringing some of Company of Heroes' tricks over to the Warhammer universe, with units now able to occupy buildings and also use the same kind of pathfinding and cover AI as that found in CoH. Other important tidbits: both Marines and Orkz will be getting co-op campaigns (though other races will also feature), it'll be more squad-based (smaller armies, important squad leaders must be kept alive) and the environments will be almost completely destructable. Excited? Temper this awesomeness with news the game won't be with us until well into 2009.
Dawn Of War 2 Confirmed! The Immortal Emperor Be Praised! [K.Jack @ NeoGAF][Pic]


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