First Shot Of Mark Wahlberg As Max Payne

Smuggled off the set of the upcoming adaptation, and I must say, there's a pretty good likeness going on here! Not only is the movie's snow machine set to OVERKILL, but Mark Wahlberg's even sporting Max Payne's trademark "constipated" pinched face. Only niggle? I don't remember Max Payne's face being that...well, portly.
First Look At Mark Wahlberg As Max Payne [DarkZero, thanks Rav!]


    no, if the casting crew did just a little bit of research, finding a max payne with the gritty, pessimistic voice they would come across John Messner, for Mona Sax- Monica Bellucci
    i don't get why they would pair a 25 year old actress that looks 17 with a almost 40 year old actor. these are the same mistakes that Hitman went through the actor with the closest deep, sharp facial figure would be joseph gatts not tim olyphant, anywho the movie will do just as well as hitman and hopefully they will either stop producing movies from games or stop hiring a popular face to play roles they have no account for

    Im so glad its PG-13 cuz if it waz r i couldnt see it. I think they have the perfect actors. Mila Kunis is hot and Mark Wahlberg is awesome.

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