First Sims 3 Details: No More Pee-Meter

March 19? We don't have to wait until March 19 for Sims 3 details. They're all over the latest issue of Games For Windows, who let us in on some of the bigger, more important changes, like:

The biggest change to The Sims 3 is that it takes place in a wide-open, constantly changing neighborhood — a much bigger sandbox, if you will, and a much more complex simulation. The town and park you see on the cover image to the right (click to enlarge) exist in the same seamless space as your Sims' household, and what you do outside your home now matters as much as what you do within.

Other changes come in the Sims' reporting of their moods - the maddening individual meters are gone, replaced by "discrete moods", which is supposed to stop the more obsessive-compulsive players from constantly worrying about pissing and eating and instead let them focus on the more enjoyable stuff.
The Sims 3 Revealed [1UP]


    i still dont really understand the mood, like, how will you know, will they say in their speech bubble... someone give me a example

    i never even did anything for my sims in the sims 2 i just opened up the cheat window and cheated my way through the whole sim never needed anything! yup u to could cheat it just a Ctrl+shift+c click away!yeaa it kinda defeats the purpose of taking care a your sim but who cares you could do lots of col things with cheats! happy cheating!!!! ♥ =^.^= ♥

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