Five Very Dirty Shoko Nakagawa Doppelgangers

Certainly, you haven't forgotten admitted-cat-head-swallower Shoko Nakagawa. Besides being a <a href="http://popstar and a big cosplaying otaku, she also co-hosts Sunday morning cartoon show Pokémon Sunday! With nerd cred the inevitable shameful movie homage (NSFW) complete with Shokotan lookalike shouldn't be surprising. Here's what is: Another (yes, another) phony Shoko Nakagawa adult flick has been released. Okay, so? So! This one stars not one, not two, not three Shoko Nakagawa clones, but five. That's correct FIVE. And they appear on screen at the same time! It's like they're cleaving off each other or something. Hit the jump for a slightly safe-for-work screen cap of them sitting around and talking to each other. Creepy!

New Shokotan Imposter Video [NSFW via Amazon]


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