Forbes: GameStop Ready To Pwn Recession

Money has already asked if games were a recession-proof commodity, but now Forbes is fine-tuning the idea, proposing that GameStop's (nyse: GME) used game business has the real super-awesome-recession-proof-armor-with-turbo-boosters. They explain: rival can touch GME's used-game business.

They continue:

Indeed, Electronics Boutique represented the only real threat in this area. Furthermore, GME's Edge program promotes customer loyalty by awarding bonuses for trade-ins and purchases. In addition, pressure on new game sales arising from deteriorating consumer spending trends should be offset by used-game sales as shoppers seek to save money. This bodes particularly well for GME, since profit margins on used game sales are more than double those of new titles.

If only GameStop supplied a free slice of bread with every purchase, we'd really have something. GameStop's Second-Hand Recession Edge [Forbes via MaxConsole]


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