Free Online RPG EUO Celebrates 5th Birthday With Experience Bonanza

euo_2d.jpgAustralian RPG fans would be hard pressed not to check out EUO, an online and free-to-play hack’n’slash developed by Sydneysider Max Breedon. If you’ve heard of EUO before, no big shock, it’s been out since April 2003.

Max however has let us know that EUO will be celebrating its 5th birthday by gifting players with goodies. As part of the festivities, experience gains will be quintupled, new bosses add and loads more. He also mentioned that work on the game has been firing on all pistons since its release, and EUO is much, much improved from the version that came out all those years ago.

With 2D graphics, player versus player combat, quests and dungeon crawling, EUO doesn’t get more old-school – except for the online bits. There’s even a 3D version in development, a picture of which is available after the jump.

EUO [Official site] euo_3d.jpg


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