Freeverse Talks iPhone Games

Yesterday's news of a free SDK for the iPhone unleashed a slew of gaming news for Apple's popular phone. Both Electronic Arts and Sega are hard at work making games for the new platform. Now Freeverse, the folks behind (among other games) Marathon: Durandal for XBLA, have announced they've got some games in the works for the phone.

Flick Sports will use the iPhone's flick and pinch feature and include golf, bowling, soccer and baseball "to start."

Flick Sports: Moto Racing will make use of the iPhone's accelerometer to steer a motorcycle through races.

The fact that the iPhone can, apparently, support a game like Spore and has such a unique set of interfaces makes me think that it could become a pretty viable platform for gaming... from Apple. Yeah, I'm shocked too.


iPhone Games [Freeverse]


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