Galactic Command Dev Promises To Pay Up If His Game Sucks

Dr. Derek Smart, the outspoken and controversial designer behind space sims Battlecruiser 3000AD and Universal Combat has released his latest venture, Galactic Command Echo Squad SE - Episode 1, proving that brevity and marketing ain't his thing. The frequent e-dick is typically proud of his new game, promising at least one potential Galactic Command player a full refund if he's unsatisfied.

In a BluesNews comment, Smart says "In fact, here's my pledge to you: If you're a space sim fan, can't wait for the demo and you buy the game [...]but think its crap, I'm tits up and talking trash, I'll personally refund your money. And you still get to keep the game."

See the stipulations there? You have to have very specific feelings, notably that Derek's "tits up" and that you think it's "crap". Thinks it's shit? You're disqualified.

The refund may not apply to you, dear reader, but if you're really that unhappy with Smart's latest, it wouldn't hurt to try.

Ships Ahoy - Galactic Command Echo Squad SE [BluesNews via NeoGAF]


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