Game, Anime, Manga Company Scramble!

Want a job working for a Japanese game, anime or manga company? GET IN LINE!! In Akihabara, an event called "Raku-Job" gathered twenty companies in the game, manga and anime world to interview prospective applicants. Approximately two-thousand hopefuls showed up, with would-be job hunters coming from as far away as Kobe. Remember kids, it's good to show up to job interviews in suits, but with blurry faces is a definite no-no.
Job Hunting Event [Akiba Blog]


    i am a total anime and manga fan
    i love drawing anime and am not much used to URL stuff.
    But i am trying to show an image drawn by me and coloured in photoshop.
    Hope it is appreciable...
    Rest i dont know for sure..coz all of you are so much talented..i always strived n loved japanese anime and rocks!!

      I love Anime and manga and i want a job in drawing it for companies but i live in Australia and i've looked for courses but havn't found anything that isn't in Japan, can you help?

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